Pros and Cons of Working from a Virtual Office Space
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Pros and Cons of Working from a Virtual Office Space

With the advancement in technology that the world has gone through in the recent decades, working from a traditional office space has become a choice rather than a compulsion. And as a choice, there are many other, and even better, alternatives to it that you can consider opting for.

Some of these better alternatives for a traditional office space are coworking space, private office space, etc. To know more about the alternatives of traditional office spaces, contact us at Inspire Office Spaces.

But since we have started with technological advancements, let’s get to know more about the best office space for business that exist completely online. So, our key topic of today is the virtual office space and we are going to get right to the point with his article. 

What is a Virtual Office Space?

A virtual office space is a physical extension of your online business. It not only provides your business with a physical body also an offline existence as well. Virtual office spaces have started to get in more trend since the last decades or so, since globalization and the mass use of internet. 

Started with the key aim of providing a physical existence and extension to an online business, virtual office spaces have grown a lot since then. Other than serving this key role of it, a virtual office has grown to provide you and your business with many other perks as well.

How to decide if a virtual office space is the right choice? 

But as every business has different goals as well as a different work pattern along with a separate targeted audience, there are many things that you have to consider before choosing a virtual office space as the best option for your business. 

To put it straightly, let’s take the best method for choosing whether or not a thing is good for you, know it? that’s right! Time to make a pros and cons list.

Pros of a Virtual Office Space

1. Less Overhead Expenditure

No large overhead amount is required to be made at the start of the term, as in a traditional office space for rent . Most such office spaces are great because of their ability to provide you with your desired kind of office space at an affordable rate that you can pay as monthly payments. 

These monthly payments cover the overall cost your opted virtual office space, such as its maintenance, electricity bill, water tax, etc. without having you to worry about any of these petty expenses. Not only this saves resources of your business but also your time. 

Not having to spend a large one-time amount on a office space for rent, designing, and decorations will also allow you to save that money and spend it on the aspects of your business that require it more. Doing so will increase the growth and profit yielding capabilities of your business.

2. Ability to outsource tasks

Having a physical location for your business also allows you to outsource the job of a receptionist. This receptionist can address to any offline and online potential customers to the representatives of your business that can handle their queries and provide them with their services. 

Having an offline or online receptionist for your business also allows you and your team to pay more attention at the more important tasks of your business rather than having to attend query and problem calls.

The receptionist also provides your business with more legitimacy, which can allow your potential clients and customers to put more trust in your business. Trust is a currency that can either make or break any business on the whole planet.

3. A commercial address

If you have an online business which you operate from your home and that is the same address which is mentioned as your office’s in your website. Then, not only will it seem unprofessional but also quite untrustworthy to your potential clients and customers as well. 

On the other hand, a good virtual office space is always situated in one of the most commercially active locations of a city. A commercial address on your business’ website will not only provide your business with a better outlook but also better credibility and client-reliability. 

Having an office in a commercially active location will also open offline working opportunities for your business.

Cons of a Virtual Office Space

1. Time zone difficulties

Since your business is an online one and your office is a virtual office space, then it is possible that there can be time zone differences between you and your office staff, especially in the cases of foreign virtual office space. 

This difference in time-zones can cause work flow friction between your staff and you, which could be quite troublesome. One of the main goals of working as a team is the ability to collaborate and make business-driven decisions using the insights of all the people of a team presenting their opinions. 

The presentation of such opinions is not possible in the case of a virtual office space due to the lack of all hands-on deck condition. Having team collaboration is quite an integral part of any business.

2. Disability of having a rendezvous

Considering that you whole team works from separate cities or even different parts of the world and you need to have a conference or meeting with them present at the moment, the situation might not turn to your tide. 

This problem will be because of many variables, such as time zone differences, location differences, climate changes, etc. Virtual office spaces have great meeting and conference rooms but they are just empty rooms if your whole team is not able to come at a meeting or conference.

3. Not having the fun of working as a team

Though a virtual office space allows you and your team to come and work at the office space whenever they feel like it. Most of the times, you or your team will go to work at the space either because they are too distracted or demotivated at home. 

But coming to the virtual office space won’t help much as the key element that gives rise to productivity in a traditional office is the work-driven crowd, which will not be present in a virtual office space. 

Hence, you or your team members can get even more demotivated by going to work at a virtual office space.


If you and your team are a group of people who like to work from their remote locations and can handle the isolation, then a virtual office space is the best for you. Such space will allow you to stay in your favorite work place while having a physical business extension in a far land. 

Doing so will allow your business to expand its horizon and get bigger and better.
If you want to know more about Virtual Office Spaces or want one for yourself, your team, or your business, then contact our team of expert virtual office space providers at Inspire Office Spaces.

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