Difference Between Private Office Spaces and Virtual Office Spaces
Private Office and Virtual Office Spaces

Difference Between Private Office Space and Virtual Office Space

In recent years, office spaces of several types have been taking over the corporate world all around the globe. The most contributing factor in accepting this new work culture is the imperfection of the traditional office space itself. The new office spaces are better versions of a conventional office.

Some of these office spaces are more famous than others. The type of office spaces for rent that we are going to talk about is becoming more and more famous. So, let’s get to know more about our today’s main points of attention, which are private and virtual office spaces and their differences.

What is a private office space?

Private office space is quite a self-explanatory term. It provides you with an isolated and enclosed space or cabin within an office space or separately. Private office space is an exact replica of a private cabin that you find in a traditional office space but its main purpose is quite different.

 In a private office space, you get to have a private cabin to work which is professionally designed as an office and consists of every necessary equipment that is supposed to be present in an office space. Other than that, you also get complete isolation and a meeting and conference room too.

What is a virtual office space?

Virtual office space is a physical extension of an online business and serves that purpose mainly. With virtual office space, you get an offline place from where you can increase your business’ bandwidth while getting a trained receptionist along the office space as well. 

Virtual office space provides an online business with many expansion opportunities along with the ability to get a place to work whenever needed. You also get to have a conference and meeting room that can provide you with a much better client and team perception as well. 

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Whether it be private or virtual office space, there are many common points that help them categorize as office space but there are also many differences between them. Based on these differences, you can choose which one is the best for you, your team, or your business.

 So, the differences between a private and virtual office space are as below:

1. Workspace

 When you opt for private office space, you get to have a private office space, in which you can work in isolation or with a small team of 3-4 people. Private office space is best for people who work as a freelancer, NDA-assigned employees, a small working team, or online business handlers. 

On the other hand, a virtual office space provides you with a partial space where you and your time can come at times to work. But the place is not that big and not completely yours, so only one or two people can come at a time. Virtual office spaces are great for online businesses that are looking to expand their business.

 2. Equipment

 In a private office space, you get to have every piece of equipment that are present in a traditional office space, such as pencils, pens, sharpeners, printers, fax machine, etc. These are the parts of an office that complete the whole feel of an office, such as a traditional office cabin does. 

When you opt for virtual office space for rent, you do not get all the equipment when compared to a private office space. The office that you do not get is the big equipment like a printer, fax machine, etc. But you do get the basic equipment, such as pencils, pens, etc. 

3. Reception

While opting for private office space, you do not get to have a privately trained receptionist who can attend and address the needs of those who contact you. This will not be a problem for you unless you are handling a business. You might need to outsource the reception service in that case.

 On the other hand, when you opt for virtual office space, you get to have a receptionist that will handle all of your calls, emails, and offline customers and connect them with the related executive of your business. The receptionist will also handle all the mails and parcels and letters that come to your work address.

 4. Work Quality

Working from #private office space in chennai is the best for you if you are comfortable with working from an isolated location and in an isolated environment. This will not be the case for you if you work with 3 or 4 people as that will be a sufficient amount of company as well. 

Working from virtual office space is the best for you if you are comfortable with working from home. This is because a virtual office that you get for your business can be in a different city or a different country and hence, you will have to work from your home.

 5. Ability to expand

If you opt to work from a private office space, then you have to choose a location that is accessible to you and where you can go every day to work. Getting private office space in a different city or country will be impractical for you if you are an individual and not a business.

But on the other hand, if you choose to get a virtual office space, then you can get a good opportunity to expand. Virtual office space is an extension of your business, so you can go the extra mile and get virtual office space in any other country. This will provide you with the option to expand your business in a foreign location legally and at a fraction of the price.


The best office space for your business among a private or virtual office space depends upon the needs of yours, your team, or your business. So, to make sure that you choose the best option between these two office space options, take note of all of the differences stated above. Doing so will provide you with the ability to make a better and more oriented choice. 

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