How to Choose Between a Private Office Space and a Virtual Office Space?
Virtual Office Space

How to Choose Between a Private Office Space and a Virtual Office Space

The ideology of working from traditional office space as an employee and from your home or a café as a freelancer is long gone and new ideologies are getting an increased amount of following. Two of the most famous work cultures that are being adopted by employees and businesses are the cultures of working from a private office space and a virtual office space

Both of these spaces provide mostly all the perks that a traditional office space does but also provide many new-age additional perks, which depend upon the space your take. These spaces are furnished while keeping a professional theme.

 Private office spaces have been in trend for a lot of time and are used by a lot of freelancers, teams, small companies, and many other individuals. On the other hand, virtual office spaces have just got in existence for a decade or so.

This is because virtual office space is fully based on a virtual platform work culture. No business operates without the internet these days, but a virtual business runs totally through virtual platforms and does not require a physical workplace, like a production mill.

Private Office Space

Private office spaces are great options for you if you:

  • Have a business that runs on NDA agreements. This refers to your business being based on handling or working on or with sensitive data of your client.

  • Have a small team that needs a place to operate from while having the ability to maintain privacy and get a traditional office-like environment.
  • Are a freelancer who needs a place to work and operate from while maintaining a professional outlook.
  • Are you a company employee who works from home or a café and needs a better alternative remote location from where you can not only work in privacy but also productive 

Virtual Office Space

Virtual office space is for you if you:

  • Are you someone who has a fully virtual platform-based business that needs a physical extension to increase its sales and profits

  • Have a team that all works through virtual platforms. Getting a virtual office space will provide you and your team a place to come and work whenever they want to work in peace.
  • Want to hold meetings or conferences with your team, investors, or clients. Virtual office spaces provided by us at Inspire WorkSpaces have an in-built conference and meeting room that you can use at your disposal. 
  • Want to provide your business with a physical extension in different parts of the world to increase your business’ work range, profits, and work addresses. Work addresses increase your business’ credibility and hence, allow your customers to put more trust in your products or services. 

Difference between a private office space and a virtual office space

Depending upon which category you fall into, whether those who prefer a private office space or a virtual office space, you need to look into what benefits both of them provide and what are the differences between their benefits.

This will provide you with a better insight into both of these workspaces and will allow you to make a proper choice according to you and your business needs. Differences between the benefits that both of these spaces provide you and your business in the areas below.

1. Privacy

Is privacy the most important thing for you while you work outside your home? Then a private office space comes as the best answer for you. In a private office space, you get to work in an office space that is the same as a private cabin in a traditional office space.

But unlike a traditional office space, you get the ability to work privately and without any disruptions from your “fellow employees” or any distractions caused while working between a bunch of people. This allows you to be your best productive self.

On the other hand, a virtual office space provides your virtual business with a better private space to confide in when you or anyone from your team might see it appropriate to do so. This is a perk that you don’t get while working from your home or a café, as in a virtual office space, your team gets an enclosed space to work in without distractions and interruptions.

Both of these spaces provide proper privacy to you and your team.\

2. Financial Ease

Getting private office space for handling you or your business is a way lot cheaper than renting a new office space and then getting it designed according to the needs of your business. In a private office space, you and your team get the ability to work in a professionally designed office without having to pay a ton of money.

On the other hand, virtual office space is one of the cheapest options when it comes to getting a proper physical extension for your business. Not only do you get to form a physical center of your virtual business, but you also get the ability to increase the work capacity of your business as now you will be having a team on the ground to help your customers physically.

Both of these options turn out to be some of the cheapest ones in their own categories. Getting any of them would be financially optimum as well as a smart decision.

3. More credibility

Private office space is situated in the most commercially activated locations of a city. Mentioning this address as the main operating address of your business allows your business to gain more commercial credibility and hence, get better sales and profits.

Doing so also allows you to make sure that there are no trust issues between a customer and your business due to your business having a shady location.

A virtual office space, on the other hand, provides your virtual business with a physical address. This address is from a commercially active location and hence, provides your business with a location that can ensure your customers that they have a location to go and report to if they run into any issues.

This also provides your virtual business with a location from where you can receive as well as send mails and posts.

4. Productivity boost

Private office space provides your business with a better productive environment. This is so because you get an enclosed safe space from where you can not only work without any interruptions but also without any distractions that can reduce your efficiency.

Both of these things provide you with a boost in productivity and hence, increase the quality of your work’s end quality.

Virtual office space provides your business with a location as well as a receptionist that receives and handles all the required calls and mails of your business. This noticeably increases the work efficiency of your business and increases its productivity, therefore. 

Final Words

Both the private office space and the virtual office space are a great alternative for traditional office space as well as the best bang for your buck. Take your needs and the benefits that any of these spaces provide to choose the best type of office space for you and your business or your team.

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